Friday, November 13, 2009

Ke-POYO-an mu Jelas Terserlah...

Entri ni aku buat khas untuk adikku yang poyo sempena majlis kovokesyennya sehari sebelum final exam aku start dengan ucapan : Tahniah & Teruskan ke-POYO-an mu!!!!

Gambar POYO no.1

Gambar POYO No.2

Gambar POYO No.3

Gambar POYO no.4

Gambar POYO no.5

Gambar POYO No.6
(Yang kat tengah je poyo)

KOM3403 Public Speaking

KOM 3403 Public Speaking..The last paper for this semester..If I were to describe this last paper in one word, I would say BULLSHIT!!! That's right people, BULLSHIT!!! I'm not trying to give an excuse for my lack of preparation for this paper but this is the truth, only the truth and nothing but the truth..Seriously, I never thought that it was this bad..The questions was so ridiculous...The choices of answer was insane...It was so confusing...I don't know whether this examination was meant to test our knowledge or our patience..Either way, I would have failed in both anyway..I'm sure most of my friends who took this paper would agree with me..If only we we were allowed to take home the question paper, I might be able to show you some of the questions..Then you can really see why I would describe it as BULLSHIT..But still, I'm just glad is all over..No more papers..No more classes..No more lectures..No more assignments..Yeay!!! 1 semester down, 5 more to go..I'll be heading back to Muar on Saturday..To all my friends, Happy Holiday!! See you next semester (Only for those in UPM)..