Friday, April 5, 2013

Today's torture?

Safe!!! Thank God! I've just endured hell. Was it really hell? Nah...It was quite okay, I guess. Considering it was my first time. What the heck am I talking about, you say? Well, actually, I've just handle a one hour English class for lecturers and staffs. No joke. Can you imagine a fresh graduate teaching experienced lecturers English?

Scary, that's what I thought when I was first told by Awer about it 2 days ago.Since I've only have experience in teaching children and college students, it's kinda a big thing for me. So yesterday I started searching for materials and prepping. As a former English Language student, I looked for materials at 

I found one interesting activity on listening called Vocabulary Bingo. It might take some time for me to explain, for more details of the game please visit The game is quite risky because if the students or in my case, the lecturer and staffs, were able to hear all the words, game over. So I made a second activity.

Applying my past experience working as a translator, the second activity was on translation. The easiest, most enjoyable way to do it is by translating a song. A famous malay soundtrack: Ombak Rindu. And it took almost half an hour for them to finished it and I made them sing it. It was hilarious! Below is the translation for that song. You can try singing it if you'd like. Mind the grammatical errors and the awkward words choice. Hahaha.


God please soften his heart
To accept me as I am
Because I could not bear
Because I can't afford
Living without him by my side

God I know I'm so sinful
Only remember You when I'm sad
Though only You are able to open
The door of his heart for my love

Night take my miss
For him that is away from me
So he won't be lonely
Always feel there is love 

Rain take away my tears
That flows washing my wound
So that he knows I'm suffering
May light come later

God please soften her heart
To accept me as I am

Because I could not bear
Because I can't afford
Living without him by my side

After that, I ended the class. It wasn't so hard actually. I realised that they just wanna have some fun. No formal class where I babble about grammar and stuffs. Activities where they can unleashed the child in them. So, for future classes, I might used some activities from the English camp during my diploma and have some fun along with them. Oh my! I think there's a pair of horns on my head. Muahahaha!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Next Blog»

Bloghopping. Is it an actual word? Yes? No? Maybe? I don't know? According to, that word don't exist. But according to, it's defined as "Following links from one blog to another, reading about the lives of people I have absolutely nothing to do with." Now, this definition was made by a guy name Nick, a common netizen, just like you and me who has no specific qualification whatsoever. So, I don't encourage you to quote from that site for any academic reports or purposes.

By and large, bloggers and blog readers are the one who love to bloghop. Mostly visiting blogs of their deary friends and families (in contrast with the definition from or famous people. And sometimes their enemy(s). I myself rarely bloghop. Never really got the interest to read about the lives of people I have absolutely nothing to do with.

Only when my boredom has reached its boiling point, will I do some bloghopping. Just for the sake of easing my suffering. I bloghop randomly using a certain method, by clicking [Next Blog»]. You know, the small button at the top of the blog. But based on my past experience, certain templates deny this function.

Since reading is not my key feature due to my own trait for being selective when it comes to the type of materials I'd read, I don't really know where to go to get those so called up-to-date posts or the latest news and gossips. But I know exactly where to go when it comes to comic. Manga to be precise. Haha.

Now, some of you may be using the same method to bloghop and some of you may have other ways but to those who had just realised about this and those who wants to have a go, by all means, be my guest. But I'd like to give you a heads up. Be ready! Because you don't know what kind of blog you'll end up at. I could give you some examples. Some are good and some are nasty. But where's the fun in it, right?