Tuesday, June 18, 2013



            Living to the expectations of others, that’s pretty much what we have all been doing throughout our lives. We are expected to meet all these expectations from every single people that exist around us. Our family, friends or even stranger that we stumble upon while taking a sip of teh tarik during breakfast at a Mamak restaurant. Few viewed it as a blessing, a purpose that gives meaning to life. But for some, it’s a burden, or even a curse, placed on their very own shoulders the very first moment they breath-in the air.

A hope is what the people like to call it. A word with a positive meaning, aura and vibes meant for a positive effect. But there are always two sides of a coin. And positive is not the only outcome. Failing to reach one of these so called ‘hope’ is like the end of the world to some, viewing themselves as a disgraceful, pathetic being, unworthy of walking on the face of the earth. Such devastating effect is expected, of course, when too much ‘hope’ is being cast on them. Especially, ‘hope’ that the previous failed to meet when they are expected to.

But all is not lost, when one is unable to fulfill what is expected of them. ‘Hope’ is still a hope. It’s always darkest before dawn as they say. You just need to find the silver lining in it. Aim your arrow for the moon. Even if you failed to reach it, you’ll land among the stars. And being among the stars is probably way better than trying to reach for the moon. Never lose hope, for it is the thing that will help you to live to YOUR expectations.