Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dah nama pun cuti..

Mid-term break dah nak habis. Sepanjang break ni, memang cuti betul la aku. Membongkang, mencekik, membuta adalah rutin harian aku selama lebih kurang 10 hari duduk kat rumah. Heaven gila aku rasa. Hehe.

Sebelum cuti, keje memang bertimbun. Tapi aku buat tak tahu je. Habis je kelas, start motor, terus cabut balik. Buku? Mana aku pernah bawak balik buku kalau cuti. Semua aku tinggal kat hostel. Assignment? Boleh tahan banyak. Tapi satu pun aku tak buat. Study? Of course la tak. Walaupun bersusun test lepas ni. Final year project pun aku put on hold. Cuti beb, kena ar cuti betul-betul. Haha.

Tapi kalo bab belajar, tak pulak belajar betul-betul. Especially bila dah masuk final year ni, makin menjadi-jadi malasnya. Haha. Takpelah, apa-apa pun, tunggu dah balik hostel nanti baru aku serabutkan kepala dan stresskan diri dengan segala macam kerja yang nak kena submit. Bak kata Uncle Dan, "YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SUCCESS!!"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to all celebrating the Festival of Lights.
Have a joyful and pleasant day!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mini Gathering at Taman Tasik Shah Alam

Last weekend I've been going places and doing things. Yesterday, was no different. Went to Taman Tasik Shah Alam for a mini gathering with the old TESLians. It was great.

The food was good. We had 'Nasi Tomato' with ' Ayam Masak Merah' prepared by Makcik for lunch and carbonated drinks that we bought from Giants.As for desert, we had cocktail, cupcakes and some cookies. Personally, I like the Secret Recipe cake most. I can't remember the name of it though. LOL.

We also had sandwiches. And also bananas. The only fruit for that day specially brought by Jaa who happens to be the last to arrive at the scene and the the first to leave. Although, the canned Lychees is also a fruit, but it doesn't count because it's part of the cocktail. LOL.

Picture collage prepared by Megat

Around 6 p.m., we packed our stuffs and went back home. Reached my room around 7.15 pm, took a bath, performed 'Solat Maghrib' and went straight out with my roomate, Ayie, to watch Manchester United vs Liverpool football match which ended in a 1-1 draw.

So tired but I enjoyed it very much. So, fellow TESLians, the host and venue for the next gathering is?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A day at Sg. Tekala

A week ago, I went to Sg. Tekala for picnic with the other guys (a day before I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair).It has been over 2 years since the last time I actually embraced myself with the nature.

I used to enjoy outdoor activities like jungle trekking and mount climbing. But ever since I entered UPM, I've never participate or join any outdoor activities. Not so driven to be active in any extra curricular activities I guess. Probably because of my fitness level which is way below par right now.

Anyway, I have some pictures to share with you guys. Since me and my friends are all half naked in most of them, I only uploaded the U-rated pictures. It's not really a problem for me to upload those 'hot' ones. It's just that I'm concern that the level of our sexiness might be too much for you guys and girls to handle. LOL. Just kidding.

At the enterance.
Can't get all in one picture.
So Megat and Pali took turn to snap these.

Black pepper chickens + sausages.

The river.
Quite shallow.
But there are a few deep spots.

It's actually great to go out to the beach or river or maybe waterfall once in a while. Forget about the assignments, studies or work for a few hour and have fun. I really hope to be doing this again some time in the future. Definitely at a different place. Any idea, anyone?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mr Big Bad Wolf

At about 1.30 p.m. today, me and the other guys went to Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) for what was told to be the biggest book sale in the world organised by Big Bad Wolf books.

And I'm more than happy to say that it IS the biggest book sale in the world. Why? Because:
  1. There are thousands of English books from all sorts of genre such as sports, romance, fiction, children, politics, religious, etc.
  2. These books are all written by famous author such as Meg Cabot, Cecilia Ahern, James Petterson, Charles Dickens, etc.
  3. The price of these book are insanely mind-blowing. Seriously, where else can you get a new, hard cover books published within the past 3 years at the price of RM8? Yes, I'm not joking. It's crazy, right?
Frankly, I'm not much of a book-reading type of person so I RARELY buy books. But being in such atmosphere, it would be stupid of me if I only went there just for sight-seeing. So, I ended up buying 5 books; A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens), Cold Rain (Craig Smith), Airman (Eoin Colfer), The Gift (Cecilia Ahern) and The Prodigal Tongue (Mark Abley). To those who haven't gone there yet, you better go. Quick! Or you'll miss the best book-shopping frenzy of the year.

For more information on this event just click here.

p/s: the books I've bought only costed me RM38. Should I get more books?

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I wave my wand and.. Zap!! New layout.. Haha.. It's just a simple one.. Black/Grey kind of thing.. Better for the eyes I think. But I'll probably make a few more adjustments. I'm open for suggestions.. Anyone??

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The most beautiful word in English, according to me.

What is the most beautiful word in English? How would you choose to name the most beautiful word in English?

For me, the most beautiful word in English would be 'Serendipity'. Why did I choose this word? Because of three simple reasons. The first one is because of its meaning. Based on the definition from 'serendipity' means accidental discovery. Or, fortunate accident I might say.

The second reason is because of the sound of the word. 'Serendipity', really pleasing to my ears. Especially when you say the word slowly. It feels as if you are laying down on the white, soft, fluffy clouds. So relaxing and comfortable.

The last reason is because of a movie titled 'Serendipity'. Have you ever watch that movie? If you haven't, you should. The movie is about a couple who was reunited years after they first met, fell in love, and seperated, convinced that one day, finally, they would end up together. Starred by John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. What interest me the most about this movie is how much Sara (Kate Beckinsale) believes in fate and how everything happens for a reason. To those who enjoy love stories, you definitely should watch this movie.

'Serendipity', the most beautiful word in English, according to me. So what about you? What's your most beautiful word in English?

p/s: 'Cellar door' is the most beautiful word in English according to some experts. To know more, click here.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Final Year Project? Deadlock.. Crap!! Already in week 4 and still haven't wrote a thing.. Haven't even discuss anything with my supervisor.. I was thinking of submitting last semester's proposal but looking at the title of the research I'm pretty damn sure that she'll reject it.. So, gotta find a few research areas.

Got some insight during Discourse Analysis class last week.. Previous thesis done by the seniors were pretty good. It somehow provide me with the thought of doing one on discourse but still needs to be carefully considered and needs to do a little bit more reading so that I'll get a much clearer view on what I should do..

Other areas?I have no ideas..Now,still searching for topics. I could really use some help here. Any suggestion anyone??