Monday, December 5, 2011

Wake-up call

A few days back, I was browsing for materials, past study or research related to my thesis online. Yes, already entering week 12 and I still haven't submitted my research proposal. Anyway, since my thesis is related to cars, I thought maybe I should start by looking at our national cars. So, I googled 'Proton'. That was when I bumped into this -->

Top Gear is a well-known British tv series that talks about cars. I'm sure most of you are familiar with this show especially guys. When I was looking through the site, one particular part caught my attention. It was a review on our national cars that was brought into the UK. I was amazed with the review. A huge wake up call I would say. Here are some quotes from the site.

If you're interested in reading more about this just click the link up there. At the site you can also search about Perodua. The reviews are pretty much the same. Harsh comments, horrible ratings. But that's the truth I guess. We're maybe 10 years or 20 years behind in terms of automotive engineering or technology. I don't really know. But I'm sure they are right. They're good at what they are doing. That's why they are considered as the experts. Just have a look at it and you can drop your comments here later on.

Monday, November 14, 2011

Bantal lampu ke lampu bantal?

Lawa pulak aku tengok benda alah ni.. XD

Friday, November 11, 2011


A date that only occurs once in a blue moon. I bet a lot of people have been waiting for this date. Especially the girls/women. Hoping and dreaming that something special will happen today. Something to be remembered for the rest of their lives. A marriage proposal maybe. Hehe.

As for me, I'm happy just being able to witness this. There wont be much of a difference between today and any other day. It's just the another day in my very own typical life. A day that I'm perfectly sure that I'm not expecting any 'magical' moments.

So far, the only good news that I got for today is that the due date for Dr. Shyamala's assignment has been extended to next Wednesday. Thank god!! I have done nothing regarding the assignment. It's not that I don't want to do it, it's just that I'm too caught up with my Final Year Project (Yeah right!). Hehe.

Anyway, hopefully everyone will get nothing but good news today. Especially to my fellow colleagues who are currently struggling and striving for their Final Year Project. May God bless all of us.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

Salam Aidiladha

Selamat Hari Raya Aidiladha diucapkan buat semua umat Islam.

Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Wordless Wednesday #1

Must watch these!!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Dah nama pun cuti..

Mid-term break dah nak habis. Sepanjang break ni, memang cuti betul la aku. Membongkang, mencekik, membuta adalah rutin harian aku selama lebih kurang 10 hari duduk kat rumah. Heaven gila aku rasa. Hehe.

Sebelum cuti, keje memang bertimbun. Tapi aku buat tak tahu je. Habis je kelas, start motor, terus cabut balik. Buku? Mana aku pernah bawak balik buku kalau cuti. Semua aku tinggal kat hostel. Assignment? Boleh tahan banyak. Tapi satu pun aku tak buat. Study? Of course la tak. Walaupun bersusun test lepas ni. Final year project pun aku put on hold. Cuti beb, kena ar cuti betul-betul. Haha.

Tapi kalo bab belajar, tak pulak belajar betul-betul. Especially bila dah masuk final year ni, makin menjadi-jadi malasnya. Haha. Takpelah, apa-apa pun, tunggu dah balik hostel nanti baru aku serabutkan kepala dan stresskan diri dengan segala macam kerja yang nak kena submit. Bak kata Uncle Dan, "YOU ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR OWN SUCCESS!!"

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Happy Diwali

Happy Diwali to all celebrating the Festival of Lights.
Have a joyful and pleasant day!!

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Mini Gathering at Taman Tasik Shah Alam

Last weekend I've been going places and doing things. Yesterday, was no different. Went to Taman Tasik Shah Alam for a mini gathering with the old TESLians. It was great.

The food was good. We had 'Nasi Tomato' with ' Ayam Masak Merah' prepared by Makcik for lunch and carbonated drinks that we bought from Giants.As for desert, we had cocktail, cupcakes and some cookies. Personally, I like the Secret Recipe cake most. I can't remember the name of it though. LOL.

We also had sandwiches. And also bananas. The only fruit for that day specially brought by Jaa who happens to be the last to arrive at the scene and the the first to leave. Although, the canned Lychees is also a fruit, but it doesn't count because it's part of the cocktail. LOL.

Picture collage prepared by Megat

Around 6 p.m., we packed our stuffs and went back home. Reached my room around 7.15 pm, took a bath, performed 'Solat Maghrib' and went straight out with my roomate, Ayie, to watch Manchester United vs Liverpool football match which ended in a 1-1 draw.

So tired but I enjoyed it very much. So, fellow TESLians, the host and venue for the next gathering is?

Saturday, October 15, 2011

A day at Sg. Tekala

A week ago, I went to Sg. Tekala for picnic with the other guys (a day before I went to the Big Bad Wolf Book Fair).It has been over 2 years since the last time I actually embraced myself with the nature.

I used to enjoy outdoor activities like jungle trekking and mount climbing. But ever since I entered UPM, I've never participate or join any outdoor activities. Not so driven to be active in any extra curricular activities I guess. Probably because of my fitness level which is way below par right now.

Anyway, I have some pictures to share with you guys. Since me and my friends are all half naked in most of them, I only uploaded the U-rated pictures. It's not really a problem for me to upload those 'hot' ones. It's just that I'm concern that the level of our sexiness might be too much for you guys and girls to handle. LOL. Just kidding.

At the enterance.
Can't get all in one picture.
So Megat and Pali took turn to snap these.

Black pepper chickens + sausages.

The river.
Quite shallow.
But there are a few deep spots.

It's actually great to go out to the beach or river or maybe waterfall once in a while. Forget about the assignments, studies or work for a few hour and have fun. I really hope to be doing this again some time in the future. Definitely at a different place. Any idea, anyone?

Sunday, October 9, 2011

Mr Big Bad Wolf

At about 1.30 p.m. today, me and the other guys went to Malaysia Agro Exposition Park Serdang (MAEPS) for what was told to be the biggest book sale in the world organised by Big Bad Wolf books.

And I'm more than happy to say that it IS the biggest book sale in the world. Why? Because:
  1. There are thousands of English books from all sorts of genre such as sports, romance, fiction, children, politics, religious, etc.
  2. These books are all written by famous author such as Meg Cabot, Cecilia Ahern, James Petterson, Charles Dickens, etc.
  3. The price of these book are insanely mind-blowing. Seriously, where else can you get a new, hard cover books published within the past 3 years at the price of RM8? Yes, I'm not joking. It's crazy, right?
Frankly, I'm not much of a book-reading type of person so I RARELY buy books. But being in such atmosphere, it would be stupid of me if I only went there just for sight-seeing. So, I ended up buying 5 books; A Tale of Two Cities (Charles Dickens), Cold Rain (Craig Smith), Airman (Eoin Colfer), The Gift (Cecilia Ahern) and The Prodigal Tongue (Mark Abley). To those who haven't gone there yet, you better go. Quick! Or you'll miss the best book-shopping frenzy of the year.

For more information on this event just click here.

p/s: the books I've bought only costed me RM38. Should I get more books?

Thursday, October 6, 2011


I wave my wand and.. Zap!! New layout.. Haha.. It's just a simple one.. Black/Grey kind of thing.. Better for the eyes I think. But I'll probably make a few more adjustments. I'm open for suggestions.. Anyone??

Tuesday, October 4, 2011

The most beautiful word in English, according to me.

What is the most beautiful word in English? How would you choose to name the most beautiful word in English?

For me, the most beautiful word in English would be 'Serendipity'. Why did I choose this word? Because of three simple reasons. The first one is because of its meaning. Based on the definition from 'serendipity' means accidental discovery. Or, fortunate accident I might say.

The second reason is because of the sound of the word. 'Serendipity', really pleasing to my ears. Especially when you say the word slowly. It feels as if you are laying down on the white, soft, fluffy clouds. So relaxing and comfortable.

The last reason is because of a movie titled 'Serendipity'. Have you ever watch that movie? If you haven't, you should. The movie is about a couple who was reunited years after they first met, fell in love, and seperated, convinced that one day, finally, they would end up together. Starred by John Cusack and Kate Beckinsale. What interest me the most about this movie is how much Sara (Kate Beckinsale) believes in fate and how everything happens for a reason. To those who enjoy love stories, you definitely should watch this movie.

'Serendipity', the most beautiful word in English, according to me. So what about you? What's your most beautiful word in English?

p/s: 'Cellar door' is the most beautiful word in English according to some experts. To know more, click here.

Monday, October 3, 2011


Final Year Project? Deadlock.. Crap!! Already in week 4 and still haven't wrote a thing.. Haven't even discuss anything with my supervisor.. I was thinking of submitting last semester's proposal but looking at the title of the research I'm pretty damn sure that she'll reject it.. So, gotta find a few research areas.

Got some insight during Discourse Analysis class last week.. Previous thesis done by the seniors were pretty good. It somehow provide me with the thought of doing one on discourse but still needs to be carefully considered and needs to do a little bit more reading so that I'll get a much clearer view on what I should do..

Other areas?I have no ideas..Now,still searching for topics. I could really use some help here. Any suggestion anyone??

Thursday, September 29, 2011







Jam 1.20 pagi...

Aku masih belum tidur.. Biasalah, student kan.. Alasan tak bley blah.. Dah masuk 3 minggu kat Universiti Ladang..Masih belum mula buat tesis.. Pekejadahnye!! Aku bukan malas beb, cuma nak setting balik kepala otak yang dah 4 bulan tak digunakan secara aktif ni susah woooo.. So, untuk mempercepatkan proses pengaktifan ni, aku ingat hujung minggu ni aku nak


Hahaha.. Best juga bila rumah tak berapa jauh dengan tempat belajar.. Walaupun bontotku mungkin cramp akibat daripada penunggangan motosikal secara berhemah selama 3 jam tanpa henti.. Jom kengkawan, balik kampung.. XD

Friday, September 16, 2011

Selamat Hari Malaysia!!


Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Wordless Wednesday?

This entry was written out of boredom and lack of ideas (and also because Taq has been dying to comment on my blog. Haha). So, read at your own risk.. XD

Wordless Wednesday..A commonly used phrase among bloggers, based on what I've seen, as the title of their entry..Seeing this too often makes me wonder, why Wordless and why Wednesday? So, below are my views on this not-so-important matter.

1. Why 'Wordless' ?
  • Few words were used. Maybe because they're too lazy to type or they just can't find the words to convey their thoughts or maybe because they are trying to make it simple.
  • Lots of pictures. As they say, a single picture can tell a thousand stories. Or was it a thousand lies? I can't quite recall. Probably either or probably both.

2. Why 'Wednesday' ?
  • Because they wrote their entries on Wednesday.(Obviously)
  • Because the word Wordless and Wednesday rhyme. (Obviously...again)

So there you have it, my views on Wordless Wednesday. A short one, but still, hope you enjoyed it. Bye!!!

p/s: Maybe I should write Wordfull Wednesday or Wordful Wednesday as the title. But neither wordfull nor wordful is an actual word. -_-"

Friday, August 5, 2011

Pergh!!! (cont.)

Orait..Malam ni aku nak sambung cerita semalam...Jangan risau..Yang ni pendek je...Hehehe..Lepas dapat call, Abang Uzir pun inform kat aku, kitorang kena pergi singgah satu kedai runcit...Nak angkut barang nak buat hamper pulak...Pergh!!! Penat tadi belum hilang lagi, dah nak kena mengangkut lagi...

Ni bukan sikit-sikit punya barang beb..Susu, kopi, gula, teh, biskut, kordial...Hamper yang nak di buat tu banyak weyh..Total 169 kot...Sampai kat kedai runcit tuh, kitorang dah tak cakap banyak...Terus loading je barang masuk van..Badan aku masa tu memang betul-betul dah exceed limit dah..Dah start rasa seram sejuk...Kaki dah rasa berat...Pergh!! Dah lama kot tak kena camni...Sekali dah kena...Hambik hengkau...

Siap loading, terus balik kedai...Masuk je kedai, awek KYM ngan awek UUM dah tersengih-sengih tengok aku ngan Abang Uzir macam orang separuh mati...Nak je aku sound..Tapi disebabkan aku dah out of energy, aku senyap jela...Aku jalan straight sampai belakang...Pastu terus terbaring...Membuta kejap...Penat weyh...Giler-giler punya penat...Diorang keluarkan barang dari dalam van pun aku buat tataw je...Bagi can awek-awek ni rasa sikit ape yang aku ngan Abang Uzir rasa sepanjang hari tu...Dah setel semua, aku bangun ar..Tolong-tolong buat hamper gak..

Pukul 6, punch out..Balik rumah pun drive slow-slow je..Haritu berbuka, aku tak makan sangat...Tapi, tang minum, mau 2 jag air aku sebat..Haha...Tak boleh tahan beb...Tu la pengalaman yang memang pergh!!! buat aku setakat hari kedua puasa tahun ni...Untuk hari ketiga ngan keempat puasa pun boley tahan masyuk jugak..Tapi yang tu, lain kali ar aku story...Mau layan cerita...Chow dulu..Bye..

Thursday, August 4, 2011


Dah masuk bulan Ramadhan dah pun...Lama betul blog ni terbiar...Tak sempat + malas nak update...Hehehe..Tetiba malam ni rajin pulak nak conteng-conteng kat sini...Apa aku nak story?Takde la ape sangat pun..Just something new that I've experienced during this first few days of Ramadhan..Korang baca ar...Aku nak tulis panjang-panjang nih...Hehehe...

4 hari pertama tahun ni cukup mencabar buat aku..Erk, jap...Silap...3 hari je mencabar...Hari first puasa heaven beb...Johor cuti...Balik rumah ler...Bergembira bersama keluarga...Aku gerenti, member-member yang dok jauh kat Kelate ngan Ganu ar yang paling happy...2 tahun kot mula puasa diperantauan...Tahun ni baru 'puok kito' ngan 'awok ite' merasa celebrate first day puasa kat rumah ngan family, dih/ork?

2nd day puasa, pepagi buta lepas subuh aku dah start enjin kereta...Nak rush balik Pontian...Kol 9 nak masuk keje kot..Muor - Pontian dalam 2 jam je...Tapi aku still kene kuar awal sebab nak amik atuk aku kat kampung, kat Parit Nipah..Kalo korang nak tau katne kampung aku nih, google map jer...Senang...Kol 6 ak gerak dari rumah, kol 7 sampai kampung...Atuk dah standby depan pintu dengan Pak Uteh..Loading barang masuk kereta, pastu terus gerak ke Pontian.. Dalam kol 8 aku sampai rumah Maksu aku..

Kol 9 aku check-in kat kedai..Rutin aku bila masuk keje, macam biasa la...Lap meja ngan cermin depan...Bab-bab vacuum karpet ngan cuci kaki lima kedai, tu awek UUM ngan awek KYM punya kerja...Aku tak campur...Hahaha...Lepas setel lap mengelap, aku ngan Abang Uzir (pekerja paling senior merangkap driver van kedai) start loading barang masuk van..Nak hantar pergi opis customer kat JB...

Maka disinilah bermulanya dugaan aku yang pertama untuk hari tu..Barang yang nak dihantar ni bendanya kecik jer..Jam tgn, mug, towel mandi ngan beg baju...Tapi...Dia punya kuantiti, pergh!!!!! Jam tangan ni custom made..Ada 14 kotak besor..1 kotak ada 100 pieces...Mug pulak ada 12 kotak besor...1 kotak ade 60 pieces...Towel ada 200 pieces..Split dalam 5 plastik besor...Beg je tak banyak...Adela dalam 100 kot..Total weight semua item tu aku bajet same dengan BTM (Berat Tanpa Muatan) van, lebih kurang 2800kg..Loading barang masuk van je pun dah cukup menyemputkan..Kene pulak cuaca hari tu panas giler...Usahkan awan kumulus, awan nano pun takde...Pergh!!! Memang perit betul rasa time tu...Dah siap loading barang, lepak-lepak kejap...Kumpul balik tenaga..Pastu baru gerak pergi JB...

Dalam 40 minit, kitorang sampai kat tempat yang dituju...Usha-usha dulu keliling...Cari Opis...Sekali opis dia kat tingkat 1..Aku ngan Abang Uzir pun naik la...Jumpa staf nak serah resit...Lepas dia belek-belek resit tuh, akak staf tu pun cakap "Urm, semua barang ni letak kat tingkat atas ye dik..Letak kat bilik belakang sekali." dengan muka selamber badak konon kiut..Pergh!!! Aku terlopong kejap...Abang Uzir dah tepuk dahi...Mampus...

Nak tak nak, kena setelkan jugak, so berhempas pulas la aku ngan Abang Uzir mengangkut semua barang tadi naik tingkat 2 sambil diperhatikan akak-akak staf dengan muka kesian and without any intention of lending a hand..Pergh!!! Memang panas...Luar dalam semua panas...Habis pahala puasa aku...Dalam pukul 11 kitorang mula, pkul 3.00 baru siap...Mana taknye...Penat weyh angkut barang naik guna tangga...Kalau guna lif lain cerita...Tuhan jela yang tahu betapa tak berdayanya kitorang...Tekak dah kering sampai tahap telan air liur pun rasa pahit...Peluh pun dah habis sampai dah tak boleh nak keluar...Kaki ngan tangan dah menggigil...Jalan pun terhuyung-hayang...Off-balance...Aku dalam kepala masa tuh dok pikir mana nak cekau air je...Nasib baik Abang Uzir nak terus puasa...Kalau tak, dah selamat dah puasa aku time tuh...

Lepas setel semua, kitorang lepak dalam van sambil menghabiskan sisa-sisa pahala puasa dengan mengutuk mereka-mereka yang telah memperlakukan kami dengan sedemikian rupa...Dalam pukul 3.30 baru kitorang gerak balik Pontian..On the way balik, Maksu aku (2nd boss) call Abang Uzir...Lepas je diorang cakap, Abang Uzir toleh dekat aku sambil geleng-geleng kepala...

Cerita ni tak habis lagi...Penat kot taip panjang-panjang...Hehe...Esok aku sambung...InsyaAllah...Minta diri dulu ye...Assalamualaikum... :D

Sunday, July 17, 2011

Jeng Jeng Jeng

Entri ngan tajuk sememangnye takde kaitan...Aku dah blur sebab lame tak menyonteng kat sini..Takde mase ar..Busy..Cari duit nak buat berjoli bukak sem nanti..ahahaha..Tu jer ak nak tulis..Bye..

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Green Marbles

'To study or not to study?' is definitely not a question for me during exam weeks. Usually, I will just go with 'not to study' of course. As always. Since I only got 4 final papers this semester, where 2 papers are multiple choice questions, 'not to study' seems more than appropriate. Haha. Enough talking about the exam, let's forget about it for a minute and have a look at the picture below.

The green marbles

Done looking at the picture? If no, keep looking at it. If yes, you can continue reading. Haha. Sorry about that. Been doing a lot of questionnaires for research this semester. Now it has affected my writing style. For real? Nah, I'm just kidding. :p

Let's get back to the story. Before the exam, during study week, I went home . The one week time meant for revision was wasted on lying around,watching tv and playing computer games. Was it a worth it? Hell yeah. It was awesome. Haha. Well, how often do you get the chance to spend a whole week at home without the slightest concern on the exams, right? Damn, I'm so out of my mind right now.

Anyway, for the whole week I was at home, I never realised it. But on Saturday morning, when I was washing my motorcycle, it caught my attention. Hanging on its vine. A bunch of green, juicy grapes. Yes, those grapes in the picture above.

The tree came to our (my family) possession about 3 months ago. A neighbour gave it to us since they had to move to JB. The first time I saw the tree, it looked as if it was a whisker away from dying. The vines were dry and brownish. The leaves were yellowish. But when I saw it again a couple of weeks ago, I was like, 'Huh?'. The tree survived. And now fruits started blooming from it.

Since the grapes were still green, I decided to just look at it. Maybe when it turns purple, I'll try it. Home grown grapes, I wonder how it would taste? As sour as vinegar (yucky) or as sweet as sugar (yummy). Hhmmm...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank You, Madam!!!!!

This picture was taken earlier this morning. During the final class for BBI 3417 Writing Research Reports. Our lecturer, Madam Mazuwana, treat us to a little feast. Homemade fried rice, chocolate cake and Laboost drinking water. It was awesome. Considering how hungry everyone was. (And broke. Common situation for students especially when reaching the final week of each semester). A brief view of mine on Madam Mazuwana. Now, I think she is super nice. Kind of remind me of the good old lecturers when I was back at UniSZA (Formerly know as UDM which was formerly known as KUSZA). She never scold or babble at her students. Never lock the door to stop latecomers from entering the class even when they came 5 minutes before the class end. In fact, she always welcome us with a smile. As for assignments, she take our language use seriuosly. The grammar, spelling, sentence structure, everything will be taken into account. Reminding us every now and then to polish up our language especially our grammar since we are English major undergraduates. (It seems that our grammar is below standard since the same advice was delivered by other lecturer as well). Overall, I think she is more like a mother rather than a lecturer. So, here I would like to thank you madam, for a wonderful and stress-free class. May Allah bless you and those around you.


p/s: I think you can tell which one is madam Mazuwana from the picture above... XD

Monday, April 11, 2011


Dah final week pun tak siap-siap lagi...Punyalah malas... XD

Tuesday, April 5, 2011



Thursday, February 3, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year

Wishing all Chinese out there...


Tuesday, January 25, 2011

The good old days...

Tonight, like any other night, I was dead bored..Nothing to do, eventhough there are tons of assignment due in a couple of weeks..Yeah, I'm really lazy lately..So f-ing lazy..Anyhow, I was browsing through some files in my external hard disc earlier when I found a folder named 'camping'..I clicked it, and there they were, old pictures of me and my friends when we went to Lata Belatan for camping during our diploma..I've uploaded some of the pictures here, so have a look people..

The journey begins...

I can't quite remember the exact day & date..At first we decide to go camping at Sekayu but when we got there, the campsite were already booked..So we went to Lata Belatan instead..There were 6 of us at first..All cramped in WDJ, Pali's car..On our way to Lata Belatan we asked Black whether he wanted to join us and he agreed..We all decided to meet in front of Kolej Teknologi Bistari...(Can't remember where the college is located)

Waiting for Black...Ayie, reading the newspaper....Yeng & Roy, dating? Haha...

Yeng with his cute lil face, next to Ayie..

Yeng, with another cute lil face with Jack on his right..

Pali, proud owner of the legendary WDJ..
(Legendary because he's currently driving DAS)

Roy went with Black...That's why he's not in the picture...Sorry dude...

At Lata Belatan....

When we arrived, there was no one there..I meant other then those who actually live there..We set up two tents..One was Yeng's and the other one was lent by the local guide...Later, some us started cooking lunch and some went straight into the river...After lunch, we spent the entire evening enjoying the cool water...Swimming in shallow waters as if we actually knew how to swim..Haha..When the day started to get dark, we went back up and prepared the dinner...Menu for that night were roasted chickens, marinated mutton and the all famous instant noodles, Maggi..After filling up our stomach, we all sat around a table and chit-chatted throughout the night...Around two, I think, we all went to sleep..The next day, we woke up around 6 to 7 a.m. Went into the river for morning bath before having bread for breakfast..Then we packed our stuff and cleaning the area. Before going back, some of us went for a final dip into the river...

Since most of the picture taken were of us either half-naked or fully naked with muscular bodies and 6-pack (Hahaha, really?), I decided not to upload them..Just to avoid you girls from drooling..Hahaha..But there are still some pictures of us in, you could say, acceptable attires?

Ayie & Pali, cooking lunch, the nuggets and fries...

Now, Pali is doing the cooking...

Fulfilling the responsibility as a muslim..

Preparing for dinner...

Chicken anyone???

Instant noodles never taste better...

Chit-chatting + supper

Sleeping like a baby...

During breakfast....

Chatting over breakfast...

Final dive...

After that, we were on our way back to GB..Gong Badak, not Great Britain...It was fun..We really had a great time..I think that was the last time I went camping...Ever since entering UPM, never got the time or chance to go camping..Hope can go at least once before leaving this place..What do you think, people?Any suggestion?

Thursday, January 20, 2011


Wah, lama betul aku abaikan blog ni..Dah naik bersawang dah..Aku memang sengaja tak update..Malas punya pasal..Aku pun tak tahu kenapa aku malas sangat semenjak dua menjak ni..kahkahkah..Anyway, aku update ni bukan ada apa pun, saja nak wish selamat menyambut


kepada komuniti Tamil dan Hindu di seluruh dunia amnya dan di seluruh Malaysia khasnya...

p/s: Jom kita ke Batu Caves beramai-ramai esok...