Wednesday, April 27, 2011

The Green Marbles

'To study or not to study?' is definitely not a question for me during exam weeks. Usually, I will just go with 'not to study' of course. As always. Since I only got 4 final papers this semester, where 2 papers are multiple choice questions, 'not to study' seems more than appropriate. Haha. Enough talking about the exam, let's forget about it for a minute and have a look at the picture below.

The green marbles

Done looking at the picture? If no, keep looking at it. If yes, you can continue reading. Haha. Sorry about that. Been doing a lot of questionnaires for research this semester. Now it has affected my writing style. For real? Nah, I'm just kidding. :p

Let's get back to the story. Before the exam, during study week, I went home . The one week time meant for revision was wasted on lying around,watching tv and playing computer games. Was it a worth it? Hell yeah. It was awesome. Haha. Well, how often do you get the chance to spend a whole week at home without the slightest concern on the exams, right? Damn, I'm so out of my mind right now.

Anyway, for the whole week I was at home, I never realised it. But on Saturday morning, when I was washing my motorcycle, it caught my attention. Hanging on its vine. A bunch of green, juicy grapes. Yes, those grapes in the picture above.

The tree came to our (my family) possession about 3 months ago. A neighbour gave it to us since they had to move to JB. The first time I saw the tree, it looked as if it was a whisker away from dying. The vines were dry and brownish. The leaves were yellowish. But when I saw it again a couple of weeks ago, I was like, 'Huh?'. The tree survived. And now fruits started blooming from it.

Since the grapes were still green, I decided to just look at it. Maybe when it turns purple, I'll try it. Home grown grapes, I wonder how it would taste? As sour as vinegar (yucky) or as sweet as sugar (yummy). Hhmmm...

Thursday, April 14, 2011

Thank You, Madam!!!!!

This picture was taken earlier this morning. During the final class for BBI 3417 Writing Research Reports. Our lecturer, Madam Mazuwana, treat us to a little feast. Homemade fried rice, chocolate cake and Laboost drinking water. It was awesome. Considering how hungry everyone was. (And broke. Common situation for students especially when reaching the final week of each semester). A brief view of mine on Madam Mazuwana. Now, I think she is super nice. Kind of remind me of the good old lecturers when I was back at UniSZA (Formerly know as UDM which was formerly known as KUSZA). She never scold or babble at her students. Never lock the door to stop latecomers from entering the class even when they came 5 minutes before the class end. In fact, she always welcome us with a smile. As for assignments, she take our language use seriuosly. The grammar, spelling, sentence structure, everything will be taken into account. Reminding us every now and then to polish up our language especially our grammar since we are English major undergraduates. (It seems that our grammar is below standard since the same advice was delivered by other lecturer as well). Overall, I think she is more like a mother rather than a lecturer. So, here I would like to thank you madam, for a wonderful and stress-free class. May Allah bless you and those around you.


p/s: I think you can tell which one is madam Mazuwana from the picture above... XD

Monday, April 11, 2011


Dah final week pun tak siap-siap lagi...Punyalah malas... XD

Tuesday, April 5, 2011