Monday, July 29, 2013

Chick Magnet

Chicks dig babies, regardless of its gender. That’s a fact! And this is agreed by all, I’m sure. Earlier this morning, the kakak who sits next to my table, Kak Anne, brought her 4 months old baby daughter, Hana, to the office. The moment that cute little thing was spotted by the other female staffs, single or married, they came swarming towards her. Surrounding the mother, trying to get a closer look at the baby. They soft-pinched her cute face, and doing baby talk. Every one of them wanted to get their hands on little Hana. She’s so adorable. Every time these people make funny faces or doing peekaboo, she smiles and laughs. Unfortunately, my phone doesn’t carry any photo-snapping function due to its ‘advance’ technology. So, no pictures, people!

This whole situation kind of reminded me of an episode in How I Met your Mother (can’t quite remember from which season) where beautiful ladies were attracted to Barney’s gay brother’s little baby. And he used the baby to get laid. Like most people, I like babies. Who doesn’t, right? Only when they are clean of course. If they are carrying yellowish brown gooey thingy in their diaper, l wouldn’t even get close to it. But I would not go to the extent of using a baby to hook up with chick. That’s just way too much, bro. Maybe it could be consider as a last resort to some. But it ain’t gonna be me. I’m too proud to use such approach. Haha.